100% Tired Of A Mother Shirt

Viral mum pens blockbuster in the wake of stopping position in view of childcare costs
Sophie McCartney turned into a web sensation subsequent to battling to keep her vocation in the wake of turning into a mum

100% Tired Of A Mother Shirt

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A mother-of-two who became a web sensation with a MC Hammer spoof of ‘I Can’t Teach This’ has turned into a main top rated writer with her presentation book Tired and Tested:The Wild Ride Into Parenthood.

Sophie McCartney, who lives in Warrington, turned into a web sensation after she found employment elsewhere in PR when she found turning into a mum and attempting to keep her vocation was remarkably difficult.

Having had her most memorable kid at 28-years of age, in the same way as other guardians, Sophie worked out that notwithstanding having a generously compensated work for a Manchester advertising firm the cost of youngster care would mean she was left with £100 of her compensation left toward the month’s end.

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