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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is Actually the Gayest Movie of the Year

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As a matter of fact, Top Gun: Maverick Is the Gayest Thing This Week
Last weekend, I made my very own gay journey. I took my miserable minimal self to the close by Alamo Drafthouse, chowed down on some mozzarella sticks, and thoroughly enjoyed the spin-off of perhaps the gayest film ever, Top Gun.

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Top Gun: Maverick is an ideal film. No notes. Tom Cruise? Most odd fucking celebrity on the planet, yet damn perfect in this film. The activity successions? My typically uninterested ass was living for them. Jennifer Connelly? Never been something more! Also, the gayness? Through the rooftop. Out of this world. Going for Mach 9 yet feeling somewhat audacious and pushing it to Mach 10 all things considered.

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