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Alek Manoah Continues To Strengthen Early Cy Young Case
Blue Jays starter Alek Manoah keeps on ruling this season, posting one more scoreless excursion against the Kansas City Royals recently.

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With the eleventh pick in the 2019 MLB Draft, the Blue Jays chose right-hander Alek Manoah out of the University of West Virginia. At that point, the association required a top-level pitching prospect to praise Nate Pearson and Manoah fit the bill after a fruitful summer in the Cape Cod League and a fabulous Junior year with the Mountaineers.

Indeed, even after a lost season in 2020, because of the COVID pandemic, Manoah succeeded at the expert level. He completed out the 2019 season in A-Ball with the Vancouver Canadians and joined the Buffalo Bisons in Triple-A last season. After three beginnings and simply 35.0 complete innings in the Blue Jays framework, he was called up to the dynamic program in late May 2021.

What followed was a sensational season that saw the 6’6″ Florida item creator a 3.22 ERA through 111.2 innings of work. He piled up 127 strikeouts to a 10.2 K/9, while making a 1.048 WHIP simultaneously.

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While a piece wild, driving the association with 16 HPB and missing very nearly two months of the time, Manoah became one of the stalwarts of the Jays’ pivot rapidly. Had it not been for a late call-up, he would have been in the running for AL Rookie of the Year.

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