Badass Mama Shirt

In the mid 2000s, there were likely no two more sultry follows up in the world than Linkin Park and Eminem, and with the 8 Mile rapper’s contribution in the Anger Management visit that put him on the radar of numerous nu metal fans, it’s amazing their ways never truly crossed on record.

Badass Mama Shirt

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However, on account of YouTube most loved Anthony Vincent, you never again need to consider how that could have sounded, as the man of many voices deals with that with his most recent video, singing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in the style of Linkin Park.

Vincent has become famous throughout recent years with his novel melody translations, frequently singing a solitary tune in the styles of numerous performers across various classes, showing his capacity to adjust on the fly and transform into any sound or voice. Helping him in this most recent endeavor is guitarist Jonathan Young, who additionally blended and dominated the melody and rocks Brad Delson-like earphones.

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