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Geezer Butler Reveals How Black Sabbath Initially Got Their ‘Snide’ ‘Weighty Metal’ Label

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While weighty metal is a respectable symbol nowadays, that might not have forever been the situation, and as per Geezer Butler when Black Sabbath previously were gave with the case of being a “weighty metal” band, it was not implied in a positive light.

It’s normal for words or expressions to be taken on by a culture or development and change meaning. Simply ponder that the following time somebody discusses the terrible man playing the wiped out riffs. Furthermore, in like manner, Butler lets Eddie Trunk know when they previously were named “weighty metal,” it was seen as to a greater degree a “mocking” hit.

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Talking on Trunk’s web recording (as heard underneath and translated by NME), Butler expressed, “When we were on visit in America – I think it was the second visit in the [United] States – I read this survey, and the person said, ‘This isn’t music; it seems like a lot of weighty metal being crushed together.'”

He then, at that point, added, “Some way or another that moved past to England, and from that point on it resembled the wry thing they used to concern us – ‘this isn’t music, it’s a heap of weighty metal being crushed together.’ And for reasons unknown we stalled out with it.”

As we’ve seen over the long run, melodic developments frequently get names that the trailblazers could do without. Individuals from the Seattle scene of arising groups annoyed at the expression “grit,” while Jonathan Davis of Korn hasn’t exactly embraced the expression “nu metal” by the same token.

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