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Courtney Welch rushes to concede she appreciates taking her child to get his hair style as much as 7-year-old Caleb loves getting one: It’s the feature of his day.

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Yet, for Welch, there’s a propensity of brutal reality to her happiness: In a nation where Black men and young men should deal with others’ understanding of their actual appearances, the barbershop goes about as a sanctuary where her child’s confidence is tended to with similar consideration as the fresh edges of his setup.

“I’m mindful of how the world sees Black young men. So there’s a wonderful thing about realizing he has independence in concluding how he introduces himself to that world,” Welch said. “Furthermore, that hair style is going on in a space for Black men where they can feel appreciated.”

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Welch is depicting two social insights intrinsic to the Black people group: A barbershop isn’t simply a barbershop, and a hair style isn’t a hair style.

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