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Dusk in Abuja. Smoke channels through the savannah foliage, skywards. A higher perspective uncovers that everything isn’t well under the covering of woods beneath as a clamor of voices rises and falls like dealers’ chatter on market day.

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It’s one more hunting season in the Forest of a Thousand Demons situated in the Ass-o-Rock locale, and more than two-dozen trackers encompass the large ant colony dwelling place with weapons, lances, Bibles, cleavers, Qurans, shoot, juju, and so on hoping to kill the greatest game.

He who kills the famous grass shaper will be the King of the Forest of a Thousand Demons for the following four years. Invigorated and persuaded by insatiability, the greater part of the trackers talk without a moment’s delay like savages, each attempting to outperform the other.

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There are numerous rodents in the ant colony dwelling place of the savannah. The Commander-in-Chief, Association of Fortune Hunters, Sai Kwaruption, had two times killed the greatest grass cutters in the ant colony dwelling place to arise King of the Forest – since quite a while back. From that point, just he, his family and colleagues have been taking care of fat on all the game in the woodland, which are all that could possibly be needed to go round the populace. Yet, presently, individuals are eager and irate with their teeth set anxious.

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