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Pizza Hut Taps Into BOOK IT! Sentimentality, and I’m Here for It
The pizza chain sent off a late spring perusing program with a classic T-shirt tie in.

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Pizza Hut just drew out my internal 8-year-old, served her up on an individual dish pizza, then expeditiously cut her into quarters.

Some product pictures that you will be interested in:

On the off chance that you’re a savant Xennial like me (otherwise called a geriatric millennial or a child GenXer), you presumably recollect a program called BOOK IT! On the off chance that not, here’s a speedy preliminary: Elementary-age understudies the nation over would get large purple pins, and each time they read a book, they’d get a little star sticker to put on their pin. At the point when the pin was topped off, they could introduce it to their nearby Hut and get a free private skillet pizza. It was a tasty method for celebrating perusing (while likewise consolidating a fun promotion memento as the larger than usual BOOK IT! button).

It’s anything but a stretch to say I was VERY put resources into this program as a youngster. Truth be told, a couple of years prior, I really found one of my old BOOK IT! pins toward the rear of a cabinet at my father’s home. It was still in very great shape for being (murmur, mutter) years old. Discuss enduring impressions!

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