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Nine welcoming numbers from the Phillies’ nine-game dominate streak

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Sunday’s 13-1 misfortune to Arizona finished the Phillies’ nine-game series of wins, the longest such streak since an especially stacked crew did as such in 2011. Yet, what an amazing run it was.

Entering June on a five-game long string of failures, where the last three all came in additional innings, the group that spent more than $225 million following the Winter Meetings and promised to be all in was deficient with regards to any kind of personality while gazing at a 21-29 record. Nine straight wins brought them over .500 interestingly since mid-April, all because of what precisely?

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An administrative change has awoken the bats, arms, and gloves. With a little more than 100 games staying on the timetable, the Phillies are playing their best baseball, making it more than conceivable to get once again into the season finisher chase before it’s past the point of no return.

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