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WATCH: Yankees’ Aaron Judge denies Angels’ Shohei Ohtani of a homer
The Yankees and Angels opened a three-game series in the Bronx on Tuesday

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The New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels started a ritzy, three-game series Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium that highlights Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout against Aaron Judge and Co. (GameTracker). One inning into the game, it was advantage: Judge. He ransacked an Ohtani homer at the middle field divider in the main inning.

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The side point during the YES Network broadcast showed the ball planned to clear the divider however scarcely. It was a divider scrubber without a doubt, yet it would have counted had Judge not gone up and utilized every last bit of his 6-foot-7 edge to take the homer. All things considered, Statcast says Ohtani’s ball would have been a grand slam in 20 ballparks.

Judge obviously looted that grand slam in focus field, not his typical right field. He began 23 games in focus last season and Tuesday is as of now his seventeenth beginning in focus this year. Judge probably won’t look like it since he’s so enormous, yet he’s an astounding safeguard who positions third among all outfielders with 55 protective runs saved starting around 2017. Just Mookie Betts (86) and Lorenzo Cain (56) are better.

Ohtani smacked two grand slams Sunday and has seven homers in his beyond 18 games. Judge removed a homer Tuesday, however he’s clearly feeling better at the plate. Ohtani took a .249/.325/.470 line and 11 homers into the series opener in New York. That is a score beneath his MVP yield in 2021, yet excellent.

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