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Harry Styles And James Corden Try To Make A Music Video For ‘Sunshine’ With $300 And 3 Hours

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With the arrival of his new collection Harry’s House, Harry Styles is in full advancement mode and he as of late had some assistance from late night host and companion James Corden. In a portion for The Late Show, Styles and Corden made a music video for his hit single “Sunshine.” Normally, a video for the previous One Direction star would have a really colossal spending plan, yet to give themselves a test they chose to do it on just $300. Furthermore, in 3 hours.

That spending plan needed to cover an area, props, outfits, and shooting the venture. Styles most certainly has a style and he and Corden attempted to keep up with the soul of his other music recordings with bright oufits, finding a rainbow striped shirt, monster necktie, gold bowler cap, and matching neckband for the pop craftsman. Corden chose to eliminate costs by getting behind the camera despite the fact that he has no experience coordinating.

Some product pictures that you will be interested in:

“I’ve never coordinated a music video, are you entrusting me with this?” Corden jokes. Styles didn’t actually have another choice.

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