Dressed to Impress Harry Styles Trending Shirt

Dressed to Impress Harry Styles Trending Shirt

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On Oct. 3 and 4, Styles had two sold-out evenings at Madison Square nursery. The primary night he came out wearing an all-dark outfit with an open-chest vest that has a periphery starting from the elbow. Then the next night the vocalist wore a transparent white, long-sleeve and high contrast spotted pants.

“Harryween” was the spot to be in New York City during the Halloween weekend as Styles and his band performed Saturday and Sunday night at The Garden. The New York Times article says, “The ensemble spectacle, charged as Harryween, was a mixture festivity of the pop sovereign’s flowery orientation free-form and of a customary Allhallows Eve a genuine design march that matched cosplay shows and the most whimsical runway shows.”

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On Oct. 30, Styles and his bandmates dressed as characters from the exemplary film “The Wizard of Oz”. Elin Sandberg (bass) was costumed as Glinda the Good Witch, Niji Adeleye (piano) as Tin Man, Pauli Lovejoy (percussions) as Wizard of Oz, Mitch Rowland (guitarist) as Cowardly Lion, Sarah Jones (drums) as Wicked Witch, Ny Oh (piano and vocals) as Scarecrow, and finally Styles brandished a custom Gucci dress and shimmering red heels as he was Dorothy. The next night, the whole band all wearing jokester outfits out of appreciation for their Halloween show.

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