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‘More unusual Things’ is back as are the Durham references. We saw this as.

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Netflix dropped the main volume of new episodes from Season 4 of “More abnormal Things” last week, so obviously we were on top of it, scouring scenes for nearby references embedded by the show’s makers, Durham locals Matt and Ross Duffer. The Duffer Brothers, as they are expertly known, have set their ridiculously famous retro-awfulness science fiction transitioning experience series in Hawkins, Indiana (with trips this season in California and Russia), yet from the outset they’ve ensured their family, companions and fans back in Durham realize they haven’t failed to remember their foundations. The series, which the siblings have said was motivated by the films and books they consumed growing up, is set during the 1980s, following a gathering of geeky companions as they fight evil from a hellscape underneath their town.
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