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More unusual Things entertainer “paid attention to a ton of weighty metal” to get into character

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More unusual Things’ metalhead character Eddie Munson, played by Joe Quinn, is a breakout number one from the new series

Be it the raised feeling of frightfulness sewn all through every episode, the interesting new baddie (simply relax, no spoilers here, guarantee) or the improbable resurrection of Kate Bush as a viral sensation, Stranger Things season 4 is now getting titles out of control.

It’s a season flooded with fun new increments to the series’ consistently extending cast of characters, as well, and few have resounded more distinctly than adorably unconventional, Dungeons and Dragons-fixated metalhead Eddie Munson. Head of the Hawkins High D&D bunch Hellfire Club, who have taken cherished Stranger Things heroes Dustin and Mike under the care of them come the beginning of Episode 1 of the new season, Eddie rapidly turns into a focal piece of the plot as a few grizzly goings-on pull our #1 fictitious Indiana town back into one more shocking development.

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Wearing a tremendous 80s weighty metal perm, in addition to denim fight coat total with goliath Dio back fix and W.A.S.P. pin identification, Eddie surely seems to be the genuine article, and entertainer Joe Quinn has affirmed in another meeting that he got

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