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Who Is Jamie Campbell Bower From ‘More peculiar Things’ Season 4?

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Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season 4. For the greater part of the freshest time of Stranger Things season 4, Jamie Campbell Bower is only an efficient in Dr. Brennar’s office — a peculiar, tormenting fellow in a bizarre, tormenting lab. That is, until the closure of Stranger Things season 4 volume 1, where it’s uncovered in a stunning turn that the efficient is Henry Creel, otherwise called 001, otherwise called Vecna. At last, we know how the principal entryway opened in Hawkins: in a stalemate with Henry/001 in the office, after he’s fooled Eleven into giving him his power back, El tosses Henry/001 against a divider with such colossal mystic power, he’s thrown into the Upside Down, where he consumes and endures until eventually pronouncing his retaliation.

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You presumably thought Campbell Bower looked recognizable — all things considered, he’s been in the absolute greatest establishments in late history. This is what to be familiar with the British entertainer.

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