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Blissful Memories in Happy Valley

“View this second. Appreciate it. Celebrate with incredible happiness! Extraordinary energy! … For it is the destruction of men that they neglect.” – Merlin to King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable, “Excalibur” (1981)

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Half a month prior, I composed a segment named “One more Trip Down Memory Lane” in which I examined the forthcoming offer of our home and our forthcoming move to Bluffton, South Carolina. Last week it turned out to be genuine as we authoritatively brought on the deal to a close of our State College house. How suitable that the last end of the week that we were the “genuine” proprietors of our home of 30 years at 3091 Williamsburg Drive, would be Memorial Day Weekend.

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Given our furious travel and change plans we concluded that between cleansing, giving and pressing, we needed to loosen up a bit and to participate in however many Memorial Day weekend exercises as we could fit in. In this way, on Saturday we headed out to Boalsburg to visit companions at Ken and Wendy Bachman’s prior to joining a bigger group at Tom and Mary Ann Henderson’s late spring “progress home” on East Main Street for an unparalleled view for the Boalsburg Memorial Day Parade. It was the initial time beginning around 2019 and the group that assembled was energetic, clamorous and thankful.

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