Gonzaga Basketball Drew Timme Run It Back trending Shirt

Gonzaga Basketball: Let’s run it back!

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In the wake of pronouncing for the NBA Draft Drew Timme, Julian Strawther, and Rasir Bolton return. How about we go! This is the season we get the prize!

Drew Timme, Julian Strawther, and Rasir Bolton are getting back to the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Timme will be a senior, Strawther a lesser, and Bolton is utilizing the Covid year conceded to the understudies in light of the time understudies lost because of the pandemic. Their return is what the Gonzaga Bulldogs expected to make one more run at that slippery prize.

Try not to misunderstand me, I have confidence in any Mark Few groups. I trust they’ve watched a great deal of film this offseason to see how things veered off-track toward the finish of the time and the NCAA Tournament. This is all there is to it. This is the time. They’re back, so let’s get it done!

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Drew Timme – At the last possible moment, Timme conveyed a Michael Jordanesque tweet, essentially expressing, “I’m back.”

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