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Harry Styles’ ‘Harry’s House’ establishes new ARIA standard as whole tracklist outlines in top 15
Styles’ third studio collection additionally outperformed Kendrick Lamar on the diagram

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Harry Styles’ new collection ‘Harry’s House’ has established an ARIA standard as the collection’s whole tracklist has placed inside the main 15 of the singles diagram.

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The 13 melodies which contain the pop star’s third studio collection presently diagram, including lead single ‘As It Was’, which was delivered in March and has since held the top singles spot for six sequential weeks.

‘Late Night Talking’, the second melody on the collection’s tracklist, comes in just short of the win, while penultimate track ‘Sweethearts’ settles the collection’s outline presence at #15. While fifth and seventh spot are involved by Jack Harlow’s ‘Top notch’s and Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’ individually, all leftover tracks from ‘Harry’s House’ are recorded somewhere else inside the main 15.

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