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RHOBH: Lisa Rinna Accused Of Lying About Marriage and Finances
Lisa Rinna is being gotten down on by her new adversary and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is blamed for manufacturing her cheerful marriage.

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Lisa Rinna’s new adversary followed up to blame The Real Housewives for Beverly Hills star of lying about her marriage and funds. Lisa has been enduring an onslaught subsequent to starting up a fight with somebody accepted to be Kathy Hilton’s partner. Lisa ventured to such an extreme as to post the associate’s telephone number while uncovering the undermining message they shipped off her. Fans have been blaming Lisa for going to extreme lengths to keep up with pertinence on the show.

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Lisa was all the rage over the course of the end of the week subsequent to uncovering an undermining instant message she got from somebody taking steps to “uncover” the Bravo star. In reprisal, Lisa posted a screen capture of the message without crossing out the guilty party’s telephone number. Lisa likewise posted a screen capture of a tweet from somebody who called the telephone number and got a reaction from somebody professing to be Kathy Hilton’s leader colleague. After Patrick Somers approached to uncover he was behind the text, he continued to conceal Lisa and blame her for causing “dramatization” over another unscripted TV drama he’s associated with.

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