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Furthermore, Just Like That… Showrunner Reveals Season 2 Storyline Will Include Samantha’s Character

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Furthermore, Just Like That… Samantha Jones will be back!

While addressing Variety in a meeting distributed Tuesday, Michael Patrick King — the showrunner of the Sex and the City recovery — shared a couple of insights concerning the HBO Max series’ impending season, including the arrival of Kim Cattrall’s personality in the show’s storyline.

Samantha Jones was highlighted in the main season through instant message trades with Sarah Jessica Parker’s personality Carrie Bradshaw. Cattrall, 65, has been vocal in the past about not having any desire to get back to the establishment, and King recently said that the entryway isn’t open for her return.

Nonetheless, when he was as of late inquired as to whether the personality of Samantha will return in season 2, King answered, “Yes!”

Ruler was reluctant to share significantly more data about the impending season. “It’s all so new at the present time,” he made sense of. “One of my huge guidelines is don’t tell things until they’re genuine.”

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He added, “I want to bring every one of the characters int

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