Heron Preston Flamingo Shirt Design

The Heron Preston x BAPE Collaboration Epitomizes Streetwear Magic

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Rethinking works of art like Shark Hoodies, the BAPESTA tennis shoe and that’s just the beginning.

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Heron Preston and BAPE have collaborated for a restricted version cooperation. The new matching embodies streetwear sorcery by combining famous American and Japanese dress notes.

To advance an assortment that introduced novel thoughts, while likewise remaining consistent with BAPE’s set of experiences, Heron Preston rethinks works of art like BAPE’s Shark Hoodies, BAPE Camo, the APE HEAD logo and the BAPESTA tennis shoe. Beginning the assortment are APE HEAD realistic shirts that give recognition to early screen printing plans. Next up is a workwear coat and matching utility jeans that include BAPE’s yellow ABC camo and purple COLOR camo.

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