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Shakira is a piece of the billions club. On Thursday, the artist shared her fervor after Spotify declared that her melody, “Hips Don’t Lie” (ft. Wyclef Jean), which was delivered in 2005, has formally arrived at a billion streams on their foundation. “So lowered. Much obliged to you for all the affection,” she wrote in the subtitle.

In 2014, Shakira told Women’s Health she understood for the tune since her hips begin moving at whatever point a melody is prepared. “At the point when I’m in the studio, I know when a melody is prepared and it tends to be removed from the broiler, and it’s precisely when my hips begin moving — when my body responds genuinely to a tune, I know — in the event that it’s a dance tune — that tune is finished,” she said. “So I used to share with my performers, ‘My hips don’t lie! Is it true or not that they are moving? They’re not moving! So this isn’t prepared.’ And that is the means by which I concocted it, the possibility of the tune,” she added.

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It’s not whenever the tune first has arrived at a billion streams. The music video was posted on YouTube on October 2, 2009, and at the hour of this distribution, it has 1,091,035,644 perspectives, with 5.8 million preferences. Watch the notable video and see the main 10 most streamed melodies on Spotify underneath.

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