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‘More peculiar Things’ Season 4: Our Biggest Questions for Part 2
On the off chance that you’ve gorged and you have questions, you’re in good company

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“More odd Things 4” has shown up and assuming that you’re a really rapid fan, you’ve previously dashed through the extensive episodes that involve the initial segment of this season. (The season gets back with “More unusual Things” Season 4 Part 2 on July 1. Of the last two episodes, one of them is north of two hours.)

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While the episodes were long, acquainting us with new characters and once again introducing more seasoned ones, taking us to places we haven’t been previously and diving into the long, miserable history of Hawkins and the folklore encompassing the Upside Down, we actually have a few inquiries. This is especially obvious after the section one finale, which closes on an enormous uncover and a legendary cliffhanger.

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