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Darkened American Whiskey Releases ‘Rye The Lightning,’ a Double Cask Finished Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

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Grant winning BLACKENED American Whiskey has reported its most recent restricted release, BLACKENED Kentucky Straight Rye Double Cask Finished Whiskey named RYE THE LIGHTNING, a pun motivated by Metallica’s 6x platinum sophomore collection, Ride the Lightning. This articulation is twofold completed in Madeira and rum containers and goes through the exclusive BLACK NOISE sonic-improvement process.

RYE THE LIGHTNING is made from Kentucky straight rye bourbons matured between 5-8 years and hand-chose by BLACKENED Master Distiller and Blender, Rob Dietrich. The bourbons are then vatted and moved for completing in Madeira wine and Caribbean rum barrels for 2-14 weeks each. The twofold barrel completing outcomes in notes of dried fig, roughage, pinewood, pear, and rum cake on the button, and on the sense of taste, clover honey, mint, corn husk, sugar stick, pecan, and cinnamon.

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It is during the rum container completing that the exclusive BLACK NOISE sonic-upgrade process is applied. The barrels are pulverized by the low hertz frequencies of Metallica’s music, and the sound waves noticeably shake the completing barrels, causing more prominent cooperation between the bourbon and the wood, in this manner removing more flavors and tones.

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