I Survived Track 3 And All I Got Was This F1lthy Shirt Design

Will Bottoms Survive the Apocalypse?
@Heartthrobert Has Answers

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This is SEARCH HISTORY, your profound jump into the web-based propensities for our #1 animals of the web. From favored following stages and confidential perusing propensities, to the social records we ought to all be aware of, we slide into the DMs and pose all your consuming inquiries.

Science has the responses to everything gay — simply ask the TikTok jokester Rob Anderson. Decked out in a purple necktie and sterile jacket, Anderson — known as @Heartthrobert to his 2 million devotees — separates our most squeezing questions, similar to “for what reason do gay men run like that?” and, “will bottoms endure the end of the world?” To more deeply study TikTok’s number one gay researcher, we slid into the @Heartthrobert DMs.

Some product pictures that you will be interested in: https://www.pinterest.com/trendingshirtdesign/i-survived-track-3-and-all-i-got-was-this-f1lthy/

ANDERSON: I love truly horrible, rotisserie images. One where the words have all leisurely been supplanted with various words in various text styles and the first text isn’t even apparent any longer. They feel like a crunchy sorority passed down. I love them.

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