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John Waters: ‘Trump demolished terrible taste – he was the nail in the casket’

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In the event that John Waters had existed in old Rome – and he’d be quick to bring up that he’s been around for some time now – they would have made him the lord of mainstream society. The chief tends to appear in general climate pivotal occasions, similar to one of those metropolitan legends where it turns out a similar creepy person was in each and every family photo.

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At the point when The Simpsons reclassified the sitcom during the 1990s, Waters was there, cameoing as Homer’s gay closest companion. At the point when satire trick peculiarity Jackass shocked pearl-clutchers wherever during the 2000s, Waters was there, showing up as a performer in a drama with Jason “Small Man” Acuña. At the point when RuPaul’s Drag Race pulled drag culture into the standard during the 2010s, it committed an entire episode to visitor judge John Waters, with dramas in light of his movies Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble. Also, during the 2020s, you could find him in the none-more-hip satire show Search Party, offering kids to gay couples, which as he brings up is “Pink Flamingos once more. I’ve completed the cycle.”

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