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Zenith Legends just self image really look at its most cutthroat players

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I like to believe I’m very great at Apex Legends. A very unambiguous leaderboard(opens in new tab) lets me know I’m the sixteenth best Horizon player (for kills, in the UK, on PC), and I figure I might have effortlessly made Masters last season notwithstanding a little game called Elden Ring. In any case, take a gander at my positioned play up to this point and you’d think I was completely unremarkable, battling as I am to try and get.

Three days into Season 13, and my Apex self image has completely been checked. Yet, check out the scene, and you’ll rapidly acknowledge I’m in good company.

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Season 13, Saviors, was moderately little contrasted with its ancestors. Just minor guide changes to Storm Point, one new Legend(opens in new tab), no new weapons, and no stand-apart new mode like last season’s control, you’d be pardoned for thinking Apex was a tad. Yet, this season additionally accompanied an upgrade for positioned play.

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