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The store-marked T-shirts at HempSol CBD in Henrietta are expensive at $65 a pop, however the sack of pot that accompanies them is free.

If you are interested in the product, click the link to buy:,q_90,ofmt_webp/s4/l_p:3105952:848395672d227194/fl_cutter,fl_layer_apply/u_p:3105952:5c686d9586bdf838/co_rgb:FFFFFF,e_colorize:100/fl_layer_apply/l_p:3105952:80ecbd_sh/fl_layer_apply/u_p:3105952:49a4b356879b6fab/fl_layer_apply/c_thumb,w_1280/f_jpg/v1/p/25814548/55a16ac4c1f8ee81bf99e6500c8ef273

“That is a costly T-shirt, right?” a representative said during a new deal. “Be that as it may, we give you a gift free of charge.”

The “gift” was an eighth of an ounce of an impactful type of weed called Rocket Fuel, known for its quick and steadying high.

Despite the fact that utilizing weed casually is currently legitimate in New York, state regulation restricts retail deals while lawmakers work out the foundation that will oversee the directed market, which is expected to be essentially a year away.

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However, that hasn’t prevented HempSol from placing weed under the control of paying clients by exploiting an arrangement in the law that permits grown-ups to move, or give, each other up to three ounces of the plant without pay.

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