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Intuitive Map: 45+ Juneteenth Celebrations Happening This Weekend In Middle TN

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Quite recently, June 19 was only a day on the schedule that traveled every which way like some other in Nashville in general. However, the date falling amidst the racial equity fights last year made many individuals — particularly white individuals — mindful of the day recognizing the finish of bondage interestingly.

It was a generally white group who took to War Memorial Plaza on June 19, 2020, which was that very day that Gov. Bill Lee marked a decree perceiving Juneteenth interestingly. Lee said at the time that it was a great time for progress and training about race in Tennessee, yet in the year since, the lead representative marked regulation prohibiting government funded schools from showing honor and racial imbalance.

In any case, prominence of Juneteenth keeps on developing — maybe best confirmed by the in excess of 45 occasions happening this end of the week in Middle Tennessee. Many are being coordinated by Black-drove associations.

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