Juneteenth Vibes Trending Shirt Design

The Trailer For ”Juneteenth Vibes” Has Dropped, And Now I’m Officially In The Mood For Summer

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Okay individuals, tune in up: There’s another film coming out this late spring from BuzzFeed Studios, and I want you to stop anything you’re doing and watch the trailer at the present time: https://www.pinterest.com/trendingshirtdesign/juneteenth-2022-trending-shirt-design/

Neighborhood blowout is charged as the main Juneteenth family parody, and this trailer gives a feeling of having a place, joy, and “run of the mill family grill” flows — with perfect timing for the occasion!

Truly, briefly, I failed to remember this was a film trailer and was moved to the mid year of 2016. (Could we at any point all concur that the mid year of 2016 was awesome?!)

The celebrities Antoinette Robertson from Dear White People, what my identity was happy to see get out of a supporting job and into the principal character energy she merits!

Antoinette assumes the part of Harvard graduate Keke McQueen, who gets back to her old neighborhood — Grand Rapids, Michigan — with perfect timing to assist her grandmother with arranging her yearly Juneteenth block party.

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