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The Summer Game Fest and Not-E3 2022 timetable
It’s still computer games’ greatest week — truth be told, it very well might be greater than at any other time

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Since E3 2022 isn’t occurring formally doesn’t mean game engineers and distributers are avoiding a mid year loaded with declarations. Microsoft, Capcom, Netflix, Devolver Digital, and numerous others have stepped in to make up for the shortcoming, with the Geoff Keighley-drove Summer Game Fest starting off seven days of livestreaming occasions displaying many new and impending games.

A couple of significant game distributers have previously flagged that they won’t hold an E3-style grandstand during this time. Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have proactively precluded doing their particular occasions, EA Play and Ubisoft Forward, in June. Nintendo, as Nintendo does, is as yet a special case. The organization has not declared a Nintendo Direct for June … however.

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Here is a breakdown of the informally known “Not-E3” plan up until this point, and what’s in store from each show.

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