Let’s Go To The Beach-Each Let’s Go Get Away Trending Shirt

Sandy escape: Old Montreal’s FREE stream side ocean side opens to general society in a couple of days

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Only a short ways from downtown, the metropolitan ocean side is situated at the foundation of the Old Port’s memorable Clock Tower and shades the glorious Saint-Lawrence River.

The free ocean side offers breathtaking perspectives on the stream, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, Île Sainte-Hélène, and Old Montréal.

Including dazzling blue parlor seats, a wooden promenade, parasols, delicate sand, and clouding stations, the Clock Tower spot is a break to the ocean side without leaving the city.

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Remember that swimming in the Saint-Lawrence River from Clock Tower Beach isn’t permitted. So indeed, beachgoers should absorb the sand rather than the water. Think about the metropolitan ocean side all the more a suntan region as opposed to a swimming spot.

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