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Here are every one of the 13 LGBTQ-drove or Pride-themed star wrestling occasions during 2022 Pride
From the principal LGBTQ wrestling celebration to a Hoodslam doubleheader to shows without rings, Pride month is stacked with regards to ace wrestling.


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Pride month implies Pride occasions are not too far off, and master wrestling is prepared to fulfill the need in 2022. From organizations run by LGBTQ makers to advancements highlighting the developing number of LGBTQ characters in wrestling, June is blasting at the creases with star wrestling shows prepared to praise the LGBTQ range.

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There are so many as a matter of fact that you probably need an all inclusive resource to know when and where these occasions are occurring the country over (and world!) throughout the following couple of weeks. We take care of you here with a rundown of Pride-themed star wrestling occasions that will be refreshed all through the month as new occasions become obvious

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