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Luis Guillorme is the seasoned veteran at getting on base and capitalizing on his playing time

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In the event that the situation is getting on base, and the best hitters are the ones who get on base most often, then Luis Guillorme is right now the best hitter in the National League.

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The Mets’ infielder, who’s been utilized sparingly for his whole five-year profession, has the most elevated on-base level of any NL player that is made somewhere around 100 plate appearances. He’s in front of likely Hall of Famers Paul Goldschmidt and Manny Machado, and he’s not simply edging them out by the same token. Guillorme heads into the Mets’ tiresome West Coast excursion with a .455 on-base rate. Goldschmidt is at .429 with Machado at .422.

Both Goldschmidt and Machado have made twofold the plate appearances that Guillorme has, however that is not Guillorme’s shortcoming. Nothing remains at this point but to expand the at-bats they’re given, which is how Guillorme helped the whole month of May. He piled up a ludicrous .414/.477/.517 slice line in 66 May plate appearances. The batting normal and on-base rate drove Major League Baseball during that month, and it was the 10th most elevated batting normal any Met has at any point had in a solitary month. That seared earth stretch constrained himself into the arrangement, as the whiskery Venezuelan has begun 12 of the Mets’ last 20 games and every one of the last five.

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