Mom Mama Madre Mommy Momma Mother Shirt

Is there anything intrinsically “pup” about “canine”? Clearly not — to the French, a canine is a chien, to Russians a sobaka, to Mandarin Chinese-speakers a gǒu. These words don’t share anything for all intents and purpose, and none appear to be any more associated with the canine embodiment than some other. One faces that divider with essentially any word.

Mom Mama Madre Mommy Momma Mother Shirt

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But some. The word for “mother” appears frequently either to be mom or have a nasal sound like m, as nana. The word for “father” appears frequently either to be dad or have a sound like p, similar to b, in it — with the end goal that you get something like baba. The word for “father” may likewise have either d or t, which is a minor departure from saying d, similarly as p is on b. Individuals say mom or nana, and afterward father, baba, dada, or goodbye, around the world.

Any individual who ends up feeling comfortable around a ton of dialects can scarcely help seeing this spooky likeness. In any case, with regards to European dialects firmly connected with English, similar to the Romance and Germanic ones, this isn’t all that astounding. All things considered, these dialects are offspring of what was once one language, which etymologists call Proto-Indo-European and was reasonable spoken on the steppes of what is currently Ukraine a few centuries prior. So assuming French has maman and father, and Italian has mamma and babbo, and Norwegian has mamma and dad, then perhaps that is only a family matter.

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