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Yankees 6, Angels 1: Nasty Nestor drops Shotime
Nestor Cortes turned in one more shutout exertion while the Yankees pummeled Shohei Ohtani. Advantage: Nestor.

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Nestor Cortes has gotten down to business for certain strong pitchers in 2022. However, with all due regard to any semblance of Michael Kopech and Cal Quantrill, none compare to Shohei Ohtani, who the Angels knock up to begin the doubleheader opener on Thursday. It didn’t make any difference; the offense took care of Ohtani easily and Cortes by and by spun a show-stopper in a 6-1 Yankees triumph.

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Nestor’s most memorable test came in the initial edge, when he was entrusted with gazing intently at the Angels’ scary top-of-the-setup triplet of Taylor Ward (228 OPS+ start to 2022), Ohtani (the 2021 AL MVP), and Mike Trout (currently an internal circle Hall of Famer). The outcomes: strikeout, groundout, strikeout. Ho-murmur, correct?

Regardless of amazing numbers in 2022, Ohtani wasn’t from a distance as sharp as Cortes. Long-lasting Cardinals leadoff man Matt Carpenter made his initial beginning there in pinstripes, and in the wake of working the right-hander for 11 pitches, he belted the 25th leadoff homer of his profession to put New York up, 1-0.

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