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Conjuring Uvalde, Trudeau out to freeze handgun deals

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“We really want possibly look south of the line to know that in the event that we don’t make a move, immovably and quickly, it deteriorates,” the top state leader said as he presented new measures.

OTTAWA, Ont. — The Canadian government is expecting quick section of new gun control measures intended to battle rising weapon brutality in Canada, right after last week’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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State leader Justin Trudeau on Monday reported a public stop on handgun deals.

“It will presently not be imaginable to purchase, sell, move or import handguns anyplace in Canada,” Trudeau said during a late evening question and answer session, encompassed by Cabinet clergymen, Liberal MPs and weapon control advocates.

“At the end of the day, we’re covering the market for handguns.”

The Liberal government likewise plans to yank guns licenses from culprits of abusive behavior at home or criminal badgering, and a public statement guaranteed a “warning” regulation that would permit judges to compel weapon proprietors “thought about a threat to themselves or others” to give up their guns.

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