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Olivia Rodrigo Says She Has ‘Child Synesthesia,’ Which Makes Her ‘See Colors’ When She Hears Music
The vocalist shared that she has a “minor” instance of the neurological condition, where one sense naturally initiates another

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The front of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit debut collection SOUR was purple for an explanation — the vocalist has “child synesthesia,” and saw the variety as she performed and paid attention to a significant number of her melodies.

The 19-year-old pop star shared that she has synesthesia, a neurological condition where the excitement of a sense like hearing triggers the mind to consider inconsequential things like shapes or varieties. For Rodrigo’s situation, hearing tunes immediately checks out a variety.

In a video for Vogue shot as she prepared for her initially Met Gala, Rodrigo said that she has “minor, child synesthesia.”

“So when I pay attention to tunes I’ll like, see tones,” she said. “Numerous tunes on SOUR are purple, similar to ‘driver’s permit’ is purple. Yet, ‘great 4 u’ is like a purpley-blue, ‘envy, desire’ resembles dazzling red. ‘this feels familiar’ is like orange and pink and light purple. It’s like, lighter and more pastel-y.”

Rodrigo, who wore a light purple Versace outfit with matching purple drama gloves and butterfly cuts for her Met Gala debut, said that she loves “having purple as the durable variety all through my entire SOUR period.”

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