Onde estão Dom Phillips e Bruno Pereira Find Dom And Bruno Shirt Design

A British columnist and a Brazilian anthropologist are as yet missing in the Amazon

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Dom Phillips and Bruno Araujo Pereira were most recently seen Sunday morning in a remote piece of the Amazon wilderness. The two men were driving a campaign in the Javari Valley, on the boundary among Brazil and Peru. As indicated by native privileges gatherings, both got dangers last week.

His family members stay without news and have encouraged Brazilian specialists to escalate their quest for a British writer and a Brazilian expert on native people groups, who have vanished in the Amazon.

The two men were on a campaign to the Javari Valley, a northwestern district of the Brazilian Amazon that borders Peru. The region is known for being the location of savage contentions between anglers, unlawful trackers and government specialists.

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As indicated by the Union of Indigenous Organizations of the Javari Valley (Univaja), columnist Dom Phillips, a customary supporter of the British paper The Guardian , and human sciences master Bruno Araújo Pereira were most recently seen last Sunday.

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