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Orangutan Grabs Man at Zoo. This is What We Know
A video of an orangutan snatching a zoo guest who got excessively near its enclosure became famous online in June 2022.

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While this video piled up large number of perspectives as it circled via online entertainment, numerous watchers were left with questions: Where and when was it recorded? How did this occur? What’s more, since the viral clasp closes with the man’s leg still in the grip of the orangutan, how did this episode finish up?

This is the very thing that we’ve had the option to find out.

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As per akurat.co, an Indonesian news site, this video was shot on June 6, 2022, at the Kasang Kulim Zoo in the region of Riau, and shows an orangutan named Tina getting a zoo guest who got excessively near her enclosure. As per riau.suara.com, another Indonesian news site, the guest, a man named Hasan Arifin, had defied the zoo’s guidelines by moving over an obstruction that regularly isolates the creatures from the guests to get a video.

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