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Who Knew What, When — Documents Show Mikkeller Leaders Were Aware of Workplace Problems as Early as 2017

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Copenhagen-based organization Mikkeller has lied about the course of events of when its authority knew about episodes of provocation, harassing, and unavoidable sexism at its San Diego bottling works.

The organization currently says it knew about such issues as far back as 2017 and has recognized a worker culture study directed at its California area in May 2018 showed “disturbing” work environment issues. Three weeks prior, Mikkeller authority prevented any mindfulness from getting the 2018 review.

An inner Mikkeller letter got by Good Beer Hunting says the organization learned of issues with work environment conditions in San Diego quite a while back. The letter, sent Oct. 13, 2021, states: “In 2017 we were made mindful of the way of life issues connected with the workplace at our distillery in San Diego.” It’s not satisfactory what, in that frame of mind, to authority’s acknowledgment of those issues.

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As of late as Oct. 28, 2021, organization pioneer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø told Good Beer Hunting by means of a Mikkeller representative that he “was not the resource for the distillery in San Diego and has no information on the overview.” After the arrival of a 10-section web recording delivered by working environment consultancy Hand and Heart that highlighted a previous Mikkeller chief examining the review, a Mikkeller representative switched course. Right around three weeks after Bjergsø’s unique forswearing, the representative told Good Beer Hunting on Nov. 16 that Bjergsø and Jacob Gram Alsing, Mikkeller’s previous COO, did really be aware of the review in 2018. The representative portrays the review as appearing “a terrible workplace.”

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