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Goaltender Pavel Francouz updates without prior warning, Avalanche beat Oilers in Game 1

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DENVER – If several movements weren’t enough for Pavel Francouz to prepare, Connor McDavid’s shot appeared to get the job done.

Colorado’s reinforcement goaltender was called upon around mid-second time span after Darcy Kuemper left with a chest area injury. Francouz said a coach advised him to prepare for activity only two or three minutes before he took the ice.

“I had a smidgen of time to sort of stretch and assembled my considerations,” Francouz said.

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Kuemper saved 13 of the 16 shots he looked prior to leaving, and the Avalanche drove 7-3 at that crossroads. Connor McDavid’s one-clock changed the score several minutes into Francouz’s appearance and filled in as a kind of reminder.

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