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Previous Charlotte Hornets star Muggsy Bogues talks about his new book

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Previous NBA b-ball star Muggsy Bogues is notable for his ability on the b-ball court as a young, in school and the NBA. At 5’3, he holds the record for being the most brief NBA player of all time. However, that didn’t hold Muggsy back from outsmarting a lot taller players with his takes and speed like Patrick Ewing, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and even Michael Jordan.

Ewing: what made Muggsy interesting is he’s accustomed to hearing how little he is and he utilized that for his potential benefit.

Jabbar: Muggsy is an extraordinary declaration to the way that speed kills.

Jordan: Quickest fellow I’ve at any point seen, and he is what assurance implies, regardless of how enormous you will be you can in any case play with the huge folks.

Muggsy Bogues burned through the vast majority of his vocation with the Charlotte Hornets and has made Charlotte his home. He’s delivered another collection of memoirs, “Muggsy: My Life From A Kid in the Projects to the Godfather of Small Ball,” that discussions about his profession and life experiencing childhood in the undertakings of Baltimore. Bogues joined “Taking everything into account” have Gwendolyn Glenn to discuss his journal and life in ball.

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