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‘They call us Phillies day care’: How Rob Thomson’s correspondence style has assisted more youthful players with prospering

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More youthful Phillies like Matt Vierling, Alec Bohm, and Bryson Stott have been getting seriously playing time under break chief Rob Thomson, and they’re taking advantage of it.

A moniker has started coursing around the Phillies clubhouse of late. It was made a couple of days prior, after Matt Vierling and Alec Bohm hit grand slams off of Brewers closer Josh Hader, who hadn’t permitted a spat nearly 12 months. Nobody is certain who was quick to say it, yet it has stuck.

“They call us the Phillies day care,” infielder Bryson Stott said. “The veteran folks got on it. (Hitting mentor) Kevin Long will say, ‘It’s the ideal opportunity for the day care to get moving.'”

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Added Mickey Moniak: “When Vierling and Bohm hit those grand slams in Milwaukee, Harper goes, ‘Don’t allow the day to mind get hot.’ After that, we just concluded being a thing was going.”

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