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PGA Tour magistrate shoots Saudi-subsidized association as series of displays

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BROOKLINE, Mass. – PGA Tour magistrate Jay Monahan portrayed the Saudi-supported association that has joined Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau as a “progression of presentation coordinates” that burns through billions of dollars on players without getting a profit from its venture.

Monahan likewise said players paid an over the top measure of cash would “need to be hiding in a cave somewhere” to not realize they would be condemned for the wellspring of the cash. LIV Golf is supported by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign abundance reserve.

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“I would ask any player that has left, or any player that could at any point think about leaving, ‘Have you at any point needed to apologize for being an individual from the PGA Tour?'” Monahan said from Toronto on the CBS broadcast of the RBC Canadian Open

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