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Tulsa Diocese Asks for Prayers After Oklahoma Hospital Shooting

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Letting it be known: The Tulsa Police Department has affirmed four losses from the shooting and various wounds.

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The Diocese of Tulsa has mentioned supplication for all engaged with a mass taking shots at a clinical place of business close to the city’s Saint Francis Hospital, which has left no less than four dead.

“Minister Konderla, a few clerics, and the Religious Sisters of Mercy are nearby to offer peaceful help to those impacted by the present taking shots at Saint Francis Hospital. If it’s not too much trouble, go along with us in supplication for all included. Sacrosanct Heart of Jesus, show kindness toward us,” Adam Minihan, interchanges chief for the see, told CNA June 1.

The Tulsa Police Department has affirmed four losses from the shooting, including the shooter, which occurred Wednesday evening at the Natalie Building, on the south side of the Saint Francis Hospital grounds in Tulsa.

The office said in a Facebook post that “We realize there are various wounds, and possibly numerous setbacks.”

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