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Boris Johnson says ‘nothing and nobody’ will stop him carrying on as top state leader in wake of no-certainty vote – as it worked out

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Day to day Telegraph turns on Johnson
Boris Johnson used to work for the Daily Telegraph and, as per Dominic Cumming, he used to refer to it his as “genuine chief”. However, assuming he read it today, he will have been frightened. What the scholarly Tim Bale calls the “party in the media” is especially powerful in Tory governmental issues, and the present version proposes the Telegraph, which used to help Johnson determinedly, is near abandoning him.

Three things hang out in the present paper. Allison Pearson, a feature writer who used to go wild about him, has a segment featured: “My relationship with Boris is finished.” Here’s a concentrate:

For a really long time, I have been hearing from deep rooted Conservatives (individuals and contributors) who say they won’t ever cast a ballot Tory from this point onward until that “fake/jokester/Net Zero numpty/green communist/routine liar” (take your pick of furious sobriquets) is eliminated. The Westminster town might become amped up for the danger to the PM from Tory rebels; trust me, it’s as nothing contrasted with the rotten disappointment of Tory electors.

Some product pictures that you will be interested in:

On the news pages there is a long article making sense of, in impressive detail, how Johnson has over and over broken guarantees on the economy and duty.

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