Season 4 Stranger Things Sweatshirt, Steve Harrington, Max Mayfield Trending Shirt

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The way that we’ve hung tight for season 4 of Stranger Things for right around Three! Full! Years! made the main volume substantially more fulfilling to watch. When it’s all said and done, did you seeeeee the completion?! Fortunately, the much-anticipated second volume is just 29 days and 10 hours away (indeed, we are most certainly counting), however up to that point, now is the right time to get once more into holding up mode.

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Fortunately, the holding up will not be to no end since Shawn Levy, the show’s chief, prodded that there’s something else to come. “I’ll simply tell you, however extraordinary as volume I may be, volume II is remarkable,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I can hardly trust that the world will respond to volume I, realizing that they have such rich episodes to come in a little more than a month.”

So we should inhale a deep breath of help that our favorite show is returning v soon, and meanwhile, we’ll get into each and every thing there is to be familiar with season 4 volume II. Will we? We will!

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