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Path Tech Wins First Public League Baseball Championship Played At Wrigley Field In 4 Years
“At the point when we originally left here on the field it was dreamlike. In any case, you can’t allow the second to outgrow you,” one player said. “We’re simply playing baseball.”

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WRIGLEY FIELD — The crashes of metal bats supplanted the wood breaks regularly heard at Wrigley Field on Monday, as Chicago secondary school kids got to get the city’s most renowned field to conclude their city champion.

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For Lane Tech beginning pitcher Josh Katz, it was tied in with keeping on track regardless of the popular environmental factors.

“I told myself, ‘Remain at the time, simply toss a strike and take care of business,'” the lesser said. “I saw the seats and sort of that smell of strolling into Wrigley Field. It was amazing.”

Katz made his second — and his day away from work of school — count. Prior to tossing the game’s last pitch, he required one moment to absorb everything. Then, at that point, he finished a 114-pitch total game to best Brooks College Prep, 2-1, for the city title.

It’s the initial time starting around 2018 that the Chicago Public High School League facilitated its baseball title at Wrigley Field in light of the fact that the pandemic limited admittance to the Friendly Confines and the White Sox’s Guaranteed Rate Field, said CPS sports correspondences chief Joey Gelman. Yet again the game will turn among Wrigley and the Guaranteed Rate.

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