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A New Space Mountain Means A New Tomorrowland

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Something that both Disney World and Disneyland could utilize, and have been needing for quite a while, is a complete redo of the whole Tomorrowland segment. Conflicting theming and outdated attractions are two significant issues with regards to the picture of this future forward land. With another Space Mountain, another Tomorrowland couldn’t excessively far behind.

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There’s as of now bits of gossip that Disneyland will declare a full Tomorrowland refurb at this fall’s D23 Expo. For certain progressions currently in progress, or on the books for the not so distant future, Anaheim’s Disney park seems as though it’s as of now mostly to another tomorrow. A brand new Space Mountain feels like a simple, yet in addition fundamental fit on the plan for the day for such an endeavor. Perhaps that kind of soul could go about as inspiration to create a substitution fascination that utilizes the old Peoplemover/Rocket Rods tracks as more than embellishment.

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